An Open Source Journey that began at 12

I’m Victoria Martinez de la Cruz, but ‘Vicky’ is also fine. First time I heard about the open source concept I was very young, I will say, 12 years old. At that time it was quite common to use IRC (text-based chat system for instant messaging designed for group and one-on-one communication on discussion forumsContinue reading “An Open Source Journey that began at 12”

Aditi’s Open Source Journey

Now to the BIG question, How did I get into open source? I read about Google Summer of Code and Outreachy internships as a part of my research. That’s when I came across Priyanka Saggu. She was a previous Outreachy intern with GNOME. She guided me on how to get started with open source. OneContinue reading “Aditi’s Open Source Journey”

Philip Chimento’s Open Source Story

Hi, I’m Philip Chimento! My open source journey started in the early 2000s when I was at university. I wanted to learn how to program games, and I had been told that would require programming in C. Paying money for a compiler seems unbelievable today, but C compilers were quite expensive at the time. AContinue reading “Philip Chimento’s Open Source Story”