Wrap Up blog post(from good to great) :)

I can’t believe three months went by like three days. It’s the last week of my Outreachy internship @GNOME and there is so much to say. For easy readability, this blog post will have five sections fear, growth, accomplishments, future plans and conclusion. FEAR When I first looked at the issues to be completed withinContinue reading “Wrap Up blog post(from good to great) :)”

Seeking for Career Opportunities

11 years ago, 13 year old Nasah landed her first IT job as the secretary in charge of her dad’s documentation where she did the typing, printing, photocopying, spiral binding and lamination of documents. Luckily, after her dad’s former employee resigned she was given the opportunity, to play with machines which helped her a lotContinue reading “Seeking for Career Opportunities”

My Journey to GJS’ Backtrace “full” Option

My outreachy internship has definitely taught me a lot of things including writing blog posts, reporting tasks, expressing myself and of course improving as a developer. When we developed a project timeline before submitting the final application weeks back, my mentor and I underestimated some of the issues because there were some hidden difficulties weContinue reading “My Journey to GJS’ Backtrace “full” Option”

Think About your audience

The new year has got me thinking of how much I have learnt so far about open source and GJS. Usually, contributing to an open source project for the first time is like stepping into the unknown- not knowing how the community will welcome you, how helpful the community members will be or if theContinue reading “Think About your audience”